Who we are

Hi, we’re almost out of space to upload photos here, so the new site’s name is


Please click and join us. Happy 2015!

Jen, Neil, Adam, Matt and Katie x

25 thoughts on “Who we are”

  1. Loving the site.
    What’s the issue with a pair of stick insects in the grand scheme of things?

  2. Class. Having lived in a bus for over a year with a musician of many instruments…it doesn’t matter What you take, BUT how you store it. Everything MUST be put back in its right place, the minute you finish with it…else chaos will ensue. Also don’t take towels …sarongs do the job, plus much else, into the bargain.

  3. Stick insects could act as a real source of inspiration as you wade into the depth of new cultural experiences. Their ability to change color and mimic movement in the surrounding environment would serve as a wonderful example to all in the van. Additionally, in times of trouble, they play dead….not really such a bad idea, eh?

    They stick to surfaces like glue. They can walk vertically, and even upside-down, so you really don’t need to worry about extra seat belts.

    Strictly vegetarian, they are not difficult to provide for. In addition, they can eat their own molt….self sufficient!

    Males make up only about .1% of the stick insect population, therefore you’d likely increase the female representation in the van, turning the current androcacy on it’s head.

    Typically, they only live about 12-16 months or less when held in a warm climate, so you may not have to care for them on the return trip.

    Please note: Many countries ban the importing of foreign species, in order to protect your own. As this may affect the route of your journey, I suggest you research each countries policy on the importing of stick insects.

    Good luck Katie.

    1. Dear Stick Insect Fan Club, we have 17 school-holiday stick insects in residence at the moment, they all have red oxters which we believe indicates pregnancy. 8000 babies on a long journey is quite a responsibility, especially at border checks, and we only have 6 seatbelts.
      Yours sincerely
      Parents, guardians and Stick Insect Police of Katie T

  4. Excellent work les taylors! I’m very much looking forward to following your adventures in due course… However, I must say I’m left somewhat anxious as to the chariot that u intend to travel in and it’s road worthiness/beauty/size/space/power etc etc. I would be greatly reassured by a photographic tour of said vehicle to put my mind at rest as to ur impending safety and comfort and nothing to do with our impending borrowing of said chariot…sleeper tickets booked yesterday btw… French holiday countdown begins… Peas

  5. What a brilliant Site I think this might replace Facebook for me. I hope that you have a fantastic trip. I saw a quote that said “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer!” if this is true the I am sure the Taylor family will become Billionaires.

    Avoir un temps woderfull.

    Tous les meilleurs

  6. Having dragged my children around the world for much of their lives and seeing them now as well balanced, non judgemental adults with an interest for everything – this is the best thing you can possibly do.
    Thrown away 50 Shades of Grey (thank you ;)) and become a follower!

  7. Think this blog is already becoming such an educational read and just so delighted with your exciting news of baby stick insects. Katie can you organise some small cute outfit design ideas for your little ones?
    Adam or Matt , have you a list of where and when you are going to be on your adventure ?xx

  8. Just found your blog via your mum/grandma, can’t wait to follow your fab adventure. Who needs a telly anyway!! Love Debsx

  9. loved looking at your blog which I have just found and would love to do the same with our 4 primary school age children, I’m not a teacher however (although my partner and I do have degrees) and my son is just about to go into year 6, how much schooling did you do each day, and did you have to be quite regimented in getting them to do schoolwork. Also, was the schoolwork quite easy to get hold of and do you need to be wifi so that is can be checked etc?

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for taking the time to read our blog. We’ll do a blog post at some point. For now, I hope this is of some use –

      Our kids were at school in France, and there it’s easy to buy a book (or books) containing the full curriculum for the year. I’m not sure where you are? They did an average of an hour plus a day, sometimes a bit more of “school work” ie from this book. With the older two we allowed them to be completely autonomous and it surprised us how well that worked (we started at the beginning of the trip with a set 8am – 10am slot which went by the wayside after less than a week!)

      With Katie who was 9/10 we did a “section” of maths or French or whatever a day for about an hour. Her brothers were also good at helping with her French because Neil and I are not native speakers and Katie is better than us!

      I started teaching late in life and think it’s more important to be motivated and interested than being qualified formally. So you go for it. Internet was more important than we anticipated, more for the kids to keep in touch with friends than for schoolwork.

      Good luck 🙂

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